Online Reputation Management (ORM)

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

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Special Features

Brandpol Online Reputation Management (ORM) provides constant analysis and control of information relating to you or your business.

Unique sentiment analysis system
Ability to monitor up to 3 000 000 records per day
Full integration with top mass and social media, search engines, blogs, forums, review websites, photo and video hostings (1 250 000+ sources in total)
Ability to build analytical reports on mentions every 15 minutes
Flexible dashboard with a constructor of an individual report template according to your requirements
Three proven strategies to eliminate any information background

Complex Online Reputation Management System

The BRANDPOL reputation management system is a unique technology of a deep searching, sentiment analysis and PR technologies aimed at full control of the information background on the Internet. The BRANDPOL allows you to monitor the status of the information agenda, news, mentions on social media, reviews on websites, messages on forums, blog posts and Telegram channels.

The BRANDPOL system daily monitors 1 250 000+ sources of information in 170 countries.

It allows you to detect mentions about You or your company, determine their tone and choose a strategy to change the information field in the right direction.

BRANDPOL has a unique set of technical solutions allowing us to provide you with this service in such scope.

We can prove all this during a full-free demo period. Request a demo and we will contact you to discuss a technical specification.

Many companies and public figures have already convinced in our system effectiveness.

Presentation of the service

Watch a 2-minute video on our reputation management technologies or download a PDF presentation

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How we control the information field

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Step 1

The analytical department constructs the semantic core related to your brand or Person. The BRANDPOL platform detects all mentions for a given period.

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Step 2

The BRANDPOL system classifies mentions by the influence level on a brand or Person, builds a threat model for your brand and offers proven solutions.

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Step 3

Establish constant control over the information field, active work is implemented to correct it.


Compare our features with competitors

For 12 years of successful work, we have created unique technological solutions with no analogues in the global market of monitoring and management of the information realm on the Internet. Let’s look at some of them.

A unique system of sentiment analysis (definition of positive-negative-neutral), working in 80 language zones
The unique system of bypassing any protection systems from data collections
The highest coverage, the ability to search and analyze mentions in messengers (Telegram, Whatsapp), videos and private forums
There is the ability not only to monitor and analyze, but also to influence on the information realm
Our competitors
An imperfect system of sentiment analysis or its absence
Ineffective systems bypass the protection from the data collection
Limited coverage of information sources. Messengers, forums, videos are not analyzed
The inability to change the information realm

Online Reputation Management (ORM): FAQ

What is ORM and what is it for?

ORM is online reputation management. Nowadays reputation is one of the most important components of your capitalization. Your partners are closely following information about the current state of your company, its successes and failures. Your future partners will definitely check information about you through search engines and social media platforms. When receiving a loan, the bank staff will definitely check your reputation.

Information on the Internet doesn’t always reflect the true state of affairs.

It is important to know how you position yourself in search engines and social media, what your clients and customers say about you on review websites. It is necessary to manage this process without relying on chance.

How long does it take to form a positive image?

Image building is an ongoing process. You can’t stop it: you need to prohibit all other people from writing about you or your company, but it is impossible. If you rely on professionals the image building process will become predictable and manageable.

To estimate the time to improve your image, we will have to analyze the current information background and assess the level of activity related to you. If your information background is mostly positive, you build the reputation in a planned and gradual manner, so this is one-time cost. If you have your own PR service that generates media content, it will also save your time. If an information attack is carried out against you, you’ll need to assess its intensity and power. Anyway, you need to be prepared at least 6 months period, even a simple indexing of search engines takes from 45 to 60 days. Search suggestions form and change take much longer time. But if you don’t do it today, it won’t be any easier tomorrow.

Other people assess you by analyzing the information space related to you. Your competitors and partners will build this image instead of you, and you will either have to live in these realities or spend enormous amounts of money on adjustments, which is not always effective.

I need to remove some negative content, can you help?

We can. It is the most common question, but we’ll answer it not in a typical way. Everyone wants a simple solution to complex issues.

There’re a lot of “magicians” on the market who promise to solve your problems quickly and easily, but this happens rarely. Most of customers ask the contractor to connect them with “Big People” from authorities, and they solved everything quickly, guaranteed and inexpensively. It doesn’t work that way.

The removal of certain materials can be done in several ways:

  • By the court’s decision
  • On the results of negotiations with the information resources owners where the materials are posted
  • By technical tools, when information about you remains online, but it is difficult enough to find it

None of these methods are universal. The task of a professional team is to form a set of activities and select the necessary tools just for your situation.

Your competitors guarantee that they will remove negative content and You?

We don’t give such guarantees. We understand the results of reputation management work depend on many factors. Our goal is to show you these factors, evaluate them and offer you a detailed roadmap for your reputation management.

Besides, what are our competitors’ guarantees? We did a small survey on the guarantees. None of the companies will be able to determine a measurable result of image adjustments and get a refund if such a result isn’t achieved. So their guarantees are just empty words.

Our task is to develop and offer you a strategy for working with your reputation. Hence you know exactly what we are doing, when, what resources we use, and what result we can expect. Receiving a guarantee is NOT receiving the result. In the process of reputation management there can be no guarantees and everyone who guarantees you the result is possibly misleading you.

What ways of work for negative content can you suggest?

The removal of certain materials can be done in several ways:

  • By the court’s decision;
  • On the results of negotiations with the information resources’ owners where it is posted;
  • By technical tools, when information about you remains online, but it is difficult enough to find it.

None of these ways are universal. The court decision is the most effective and efficient way to remove inappropriate content, but information about you may be spread on websites that are outside of your local jurisdiction. The massive information attack can be formed against you when the negative information about you is constantly published from different regions. Don’t forget about the journalist’s professional persistence. They consider such cases as an attempt of limitations of freedom of speech that can cause an unpredictable information wave.

Negotiations with the information resources owners should not be overestimated. The argument in such negotiations is the amount of settlement. As soon as you start paying, information about your interest and paying capacity will be available to the journalist community. In this case you take great risks of being a permanent sponsor for a large number of ink-stained wretches.

Technical tools are one of the most objective and independent ways to remover inappropriate content, the way can be time consuming and expensive. However, it also has the limitations. We have a good understanding of them, so we can offer you a reputation management strategy depending on your financial, time and other capabilities.

What do we need to start cooperation with you and what are the fees for your service?

In order to get started, you need to contact us in any convenient way and discuss the details of your issue. The process of setting a problem, evaluating the situation is delicate and strictly confidential. We’ll sign a confidentiality agreement, take your goals, objectives and wishes into account, and make an objective analysis of your situation and, after a while, we offer you the most effective ways for your reputation management. You agree on this “roadmap” and we start its implementation. We’ll also determine the criteria to evaluate our work effectiveness.

The service fees depend upon the analysis results of the agenda related to you, your goals and objectives, the parameters of a technical specifications and the combination of the used reputation management tools. We won’t give a price offer until we understand who you are, what you want, who your friends and enemies are.

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