Price Monitoring

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Price Monitoring

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Provide you with a 24/7 price control for suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. Detect violations of sales policies and partnership agreements.

Unique vision system
Ability to monitor up to 15 000 000 SKU
Full integration with top marketplaces and online stores
Data transference in EXCEL, PDF, JSON, XML, CSV, REST-API forms
Flexible dashboard with a constructor of an individual report template according to your requirements
Ability to analyze prices up to 24 times per day for your project

Intellectual and Constant Price Monitoring

The BRANDPOL price monitoring system is a unique technology of technical vision and price analysis of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors on the Internet.

BRANDPOL allows you to monitor the state of the Market 24/7, analyze price movements, effectively develop partner policies and manage pricing strategies in their distribution networks and supply chains.

The BRANDPOL system daily monitors 20 000 000+ SKUs on 350 000+ websites in 170 countries.

It allows you to detect dumping counterparties, violators of the partnership policy and suppress these violations immediately.

BRANDPOL has a unique set of technical solutions allowing us to provide you with this service in such scope.

We can prove all this during a full-free demo period. Request a demo and we will contact you to discuss a technical specification.

The following companies like LG, BAYER, DUPONT
and many others have seen of our system effectiveness.

Presentation of the service

Watch a 2-minute video on our price monitoring technologies or download a PDF presentation

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How we monitor prices

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Step 1. Just upload

of the monitoring objects you are interested in to your personal area or send them to the project manager in Excel/REST-API format.

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Step 2. Approve

monitoring sources and parameters

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Step 3. Receive a monitoring report

at the agreed time in your personal area or in any convenient format for you.


Compare our features with competitors

For 12 years of successful work, we have created unique technological solutions with no analogues in the global market of price monitoring on the Internet. Let’s look at some of them.

BRANDPOL platform
Automatic system of the websites instant connection to monitoring based on the technical vision
The unique system of bypassing any protection systems from data collections
Price monitoring mode in 24/7/365
Ability to adjust the violators price policies
Our competitors
An imperfect, long-term and expensive system for adding new websites to monitoring
Ineffective systems to bypass a data collection protection
Severe restrictions on the scope and frequency of the information collection
Long intervals of data collection, making the received information irrelevant
Inability to adjust prices

Compare prices on the world's top online marketplaces


Building Success with Global Clients & Partners

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Price Monitoring: FAQ

How much does price monitoring cost?

In our company we have an individual approach to each of our clients, according to his requirements. The price starts with $150 a month, depends on the number of products, quantity of websites and the frequency of price collection.

How frequently can price monitoring be done?

The abilities of our platform allow us to monitor prices every hour.

Are you able to compare products without articles?

Our platform is able to compare products against more than 20 criteria, including images, bar codes, descriptions, etc.

Can you monitor the leftovers of the products?

Yes, we can, 20% of our clients are already using this service.

What is needed to become partners with you?

Leave a request on our website, or call us on +359 (52) 94-03-31.

Can you change formats of the report?

We have more than 10 standard forms of analytical reports, but we also are developing individual formats for reports of each client, according to his request.

Do you have a personal cabinet?

Off course, we have a very convenient and functional personal cabinet, fully adapted to the needs of the client.

Do you have personal managers?

Each client gets a personal manager, who answers any questions in online mode.

Do you have an ability to screenshot prices?

The ability to do screenshots is also included into our system.

In which way are you better than the competitors?

Try out our service and you will answer this question yourself, as more than 100 companies already did, who came to us from our competitors.

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