Every reference to intellectual property or brand is automatically spotted, documented and verified
Take down the website

Have you found your content, products with your trademarks, software or other registered intellectual property on someone else’s site? This site violates your rights and does not contact you? We will remedy this violation in one of the following ways:

1. The site will be blocked;
2. The site will eliminate the violation;
3. The site will conclude a license agreement with you;
4. The site will prove to you that everything was purchased legally from you or your official partner;

Why us?

We have a lot of practical experience in solving such problems. BRANDPOL is an innovative technology platform that actually operates in 172 countries around the world. For each country, we have prepared our own unique legal structures that allow us to solve the client’s problem as efficiently, quickly and flawlessly as possible. In more than 60 countries, we have partnerships with lawyers specializing in the protection of intellectual property rights. This allows us not to study the legislation of individual jurisdictions and not translate documents into the required languages.

Service cost

The cost of this service is 127 USD. For this money, you will receive a full high-quality and fast service to protect your interests.

Make an order and we will block any offending website within 3 to 10 business days (in some cases it can be up to 30 business days), or we will refund your money.


Would you like to find out who and where distributes products, software or other goods and services under your trademarks on the Internet?

Legal Tools

We have a lot of practical experience in solving such problems. We will ensure the suppression of the import of counterfeit products, help save time and money, get additional income, fair competition and reputation.

Remove contextual ads

Contextual advertising is a very effective and fast channel for promoting and selling products, goods and services. Unfortunately, there are companies that parasitize on your promotion and place contextual advertising on key requests that violate your rights or the rights of other copyright holders. A very common infringement is the placement of advertisements on the trademarks of a competing company in order to redirect users to their website, or phishing scams (theft of personal data, including contact information, passwords, credit card information). This allows a competitor or a fraudster to steal traffic by parasitizing on someone else’s brand.

To be able to find such violations and quickly eliminate them is a necessary task to attract customers who are focused on the consumption of your products or services. Your ad budget doesn’t have to work for your competitors. Your brand should not be used by scammers to mislead your customers.

Our platform is integrated with all major contextual advertising systems, legal structures and technologies for influencing the rapid suppression of illegal use of your trademark in contextual advertising networks have been worked out.

Reputation Booster

How Digital Risk Protection works. Monitoring of digital assets. Sources. Domain name. Contextual advertising. Search engine. Darkweb.

Take down ad on the online marketplaces

Today 70% (in the US, about 35%, and in China, more than 90%) of online sales of goods is carried out through online e-commerce marketplaces such as Yandex.Market, Avito, Ozon, Wildberries, AliExpress. Online e-commerce marketplaces allow you to instantly and put up products for sale immediately to a million audience at minimal cost. Counterfeit products are often sold on online e-commerce marketplaces.

Being able to quickly find and block counterfeit products from the online e-commerce marketplaces is an important part of the business protection process and is our standard service.

Our platform is integrated with all major online e-commerce marketplaces, legal structures and technologies for influencing the rapid suppression of the spread of counterfeit products have been worked out.

Take down group in any social network

We have an extensive experience in protection of exclusive rights. BRANDPOL is the innovative technological platform. Our specialists have developed and integrated the unique legal constructions for the social network. This technology allows you to achieve the most effective result and eliminate violations.

Take down mobile app

Mobile applications are an important channel of communication between the user and the business. Very often there are situations when violators fake official applications and publish their own phishing applications, the main purpose of which is to collect confidential user information (including contact information, credit card numbers, etc.). Very often completely different areas of businesses are exposed to such attacks. Most often these are banks, airlines, hotel booking systems, online e-commerce marketplaces, content distribution systems and many others.

To be able to find such violations and quickly eliminate them, a necessary task to ensure the safety of your customers, your brand should not be used by fraudsters to mislead your customers. Your brand must be well protected.

Our platform is integrated with all major mobile application distribution systems. Legal constructions and technologies for influencing the rapid suppression of illegal use of your trademark in the distribution networks of mobile applications are our unique development

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