Take down ads in ppc advertising

Remove contextual ad

Contextual advertising is a very effective and fast channel for promoting and selling products, goods and services. Unfortunately, there are companies that parasitize on your promotion and place contextual advertising on key requests that violate your rights or the rights of other copyright holders. A very common infringement is the placement of advertisements on the trademarks of a competing company in order to redirect users to their website, or phishing scams (theft of personal data, including contact information, passwords, credit card information). This allows a competitor or a fraudster to steal traffic by parasitizing on someone else’s brand.

To be able to find such violations and quickly eliminate them is a necessary task to attract customers who are focused on the consumption of your products or services. Your ad budget doesn’t have to work for your competitors. Your brand should not be used by scammers to mislead your customers.

Our platform is integrated with all major contextual advertising systems, legal structures and technologies for influencing the rapid suppression of illegal use of your trademark in contextual advertising networks have been worked out.

Every reference to intellectual property or brand is automatically spotted, documented and verified