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Special Features

Detect and eliminate all violations of your brand on the Internet. Provide constant protection

Unique identification system for website owners
Unique vision system to detect graphic trademarks and products
Unique price analysis system to detect suspicious sellers
172 countries coverage
2 760 online marketplaces integration
Partners’ branches are in 75 countries

Smart Brand Protection

The BRANDPOL brand protection system is a unique technology for monitoring and analyzing information on the Internet and DarkWeb, which will help to detect and eliminate business risks associated with illegal use of your trademark.

The BRANDPOL system monitors and analyzes threats directed at your brand on a daily basis by scanning websites, social media and online marketplaces in 170 countries in 90 languages.

This allows you to detect sellers of counterfeit and infringed goods, violators of your marketing policy and other fraudsters, and eliminate these threats immediately.

BRANDPOL has a unique set of legal structures adapted to the laws of 72jurisdictions, which allows suppressing at least 75% of violations in any territory without the lawyers’ involvement.

We can prove all this during a full-free demo period. Request a demo and we will prepare an analytical report demonstrating the current threats to your business. After that our team will offer the most effective solution to eliminate threats.

The following companies like LG, BAYER, DUPONT and many others have seen of our system effectiveness.

Our service presentation

Watch a 2-minute video about our technologies applying for your business protection or download a PDF presentation

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How we protect your business

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Step 1

The BRANDPOL system scans the Internet and detects suspicious sites threaten your brand.
The system launches photofixation of violations and analyzes the threat’s degree, ranks the websites by significance.
This allows you to focus on the most powerful threats.

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Step 2

The BRANDPOL system automatically identifies the website owner, his contact information, as well as the data of the Internet intermediaries (domain registrars, hosting providers etc. In total, there are 12 types).
The platform automatically determines the legal structures for each Internet intermediaries based on their locations.

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Step 3

The BRANDPOL system measures a financial scoring of violator and starts an automated claim work against the website owner and the Internet intermediaries, compensation collection for which is not economically feasible.

In relation to solvent violators, the system prepares documents for a lawsuit to collect compensation for the illegal use of a trademark.


Compare our features with competitors

For 12 years of successful work, we have created unique technological solutions with no analogues in the global trademark protection market. Let’s look at some of them.

BRANDPOL platform
Automatic Threat Assessment (ABC analysis for 40+ indicators)
Automatic assessment of the violator’s financial condition (Financial scoring)
Localized business process according to local legislation in 60+ countries
24/7/365 automatic threat protection mode
Our competitors
An imperfect system for assessing threats to websites, or its absence
No automated systems for analyzing the violator’s solvency (financial scoring)
Work only in limited jurisdictions in English
Manual mode of operation, limited to the specialist’s working hours; poor account management

Building Success with Global Clients & Partners

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Online Brand Protection: FAQ

Why are you focusing on the Internet violations?

The Internet is the largest sales driver, at least 70% of sales start on the Internet. If you don’t control the Internet, you won’t control the use of your brand, actual sales. Only few companies are able to provide clients with this service with high quality. People all over the world have to go to lawyers to protect their rights, but lawyers are not able to track and control millions of cases of the trademark’s use, thousands of cases of sales.

In this case, the lawyers have two options: say that you don’t need to pay attention to the Internet, or come to us. We will block the violators on the Internet, but the lawyers will go to courts for claiming compensation.

What do we need to start cooperation with you?

To start cooperation with us, you must be one of the following business entities:

  • Trademark owner;
  • A representative of the trademark owner, obtaining a valid power of attorney or on the basis of a license agreement;
  • A law firm working in the field of intellectual property rights and providing (willing to provide) services to combat counterfeit or infringement activities.

To start to work with us, you need to contact us in any convenient way and provide us with the power of attorney (agreement) obtained from the right holder, the list of trademarks and geography of protection (list of jurisdictions).

Our analysts will analyze and make report on your trademark cases of the commercial use, as well as offer effective solutions for monitoring the use of commercial cases and suppressing violations.

What are the fees for your service?

The fees for our service depends on the number of trademarks, unique product names (SKUs), and the complexity of the jurisdiction.

The fees for protecting the interests of a car manufacturer in the Chinese market will cost more than a company with a pair of SKUs in Luxembourg.

Also, the fees depend on whether you entitle us with the rights to collect compensation in the courts for detected violators.

We consider the most appropriate systematic approach to work – to provide protection in the “Your brand’s Reliance” mode, and you pay us a subscription fee. You will receive the price in a commercial offer together with an analysis of your situation on the market. Our services will be comparable to the fees of ONE high-qualified lawyer.

What performance indicators are you showing?

We provide 100% suppression of detected violations. It is important.

Each case of commercial trademark use that we detect must result in you either proving that it is part of your supply chain or we will ensure that illegal sales advertisements are removed.

We suppress at least 75% of cases of illegal trademark use out of court and without appealing to law enforcement agencies. It doesn’t matter where your trademark is used: online stores, social networks or product aggregators.

How can it be verified? You see reports on all cases of trademark use, we coordinate with you the entire business process of working with violators, you see in the reports all stages of the system’s work with each case. We have a service agreement with you and you can cancel the service at any time. We are able to provide a free trial period for large clients.

Do you block the websites?

Websites are blocked either by supervisory authorities by court order, or by information intermediaries that provide services for domain name registration, hosting or marketplaces for the accounts registered on them.

We detect cases of commercial use, form the evidence base and force all participants in the Internet services market to comply with the law. In 100% of cases, the detected violations are suppressed. We suppress at least 75% of cases of illegal trademark use out of court and without appealing to law enforcement agencies.

I need to block the only website, can you help me?

Each case of intellectual property rights is important for us, we also combat such infringers. We will help you without fail: firstly, check and analyze the situation. We will do it quickly and efficiently. For such cases, we have a special microservices section on our website, where everyone, without red tape and discussions, solve their questions related to prices monitoring, cases of an unauthorized use of trademarks, blocking violators websites or accounts.

How quickly do you detect and remove violations?

The violation detection process consists of our analysts asking you a few simple questions and constructing a special search queries. Then the system monitors the use of trademarks and excludes those that aren’t commercial. It usually takes one or two days. After the first system setup, we provide you with a real-time monitoring and you can even download the report every hour.

The violation’s removal is a complex process. Some of the violators immediately stop their illegal activities, but some start changing hosting services, domain names, and run to different jurisdictions. In this case, we can spend 3-4 months to achieve a desirable result. We have a great experience combating violators, so it is extremely important for us to follow the legal complaint procedure, not creating unnecessary tension to your supply chain.

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