An international project with a distributed software and server architecture seeks a developer.
Our development stack includes JavaScript, PHP.

Мain requirements:
1. You have a great experience of development in any of the languages JavaScript, PHP;
2. You are interested in work in a team of professionals;
3. You are interested in salary and career advancement, according to our employee growth program (based on the FaceBook model);
4. You are in constant search of complex projects and tasks, and the words “neural network” pique your interest.

We are a fit for you, if:
You need an understandable, decent employer who fulfills his obligations to employees;
You want to work in a team of like-minded people, where your every proposal will be heard and appreciated;
You are ready to receive non-solvable problems every day, but commit their solution in the evening;
You are looking for a high level of income.

The main activity of the company:
1. Development of BigData analysis services;
2. Development and neural network training;
3. Development of microservices to support the business process of data mining, analysis, decision-making systems.

The stack we are working with:
1. Knowledge of JSON and API interaction;
2. Experience in commercial projects in development positions from one year;
4. React 16+;
5. React Native;
6. React Hooks;
7. ES6 and higher – methods for working with arrays, array destructuring / objects destructuring, arrow functions, async / await.

Working conditions:
1. Official employment;
2. Working day from 10 to 19;
3. Paid sick leave;
4. Paid vacation;
5. Unlimited coffee and snacks;
6. Positive corporate life, professional development, visiting brainstorms.

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