Take down ad on the online marketplace

Today 70% (in the US, about 35%, and in China, more than 90%) of online sales of goods is carried out through online e-commerce marketplaces such as Yandex.Market, Avito, Ozon, Wildberries, AliExpress. Online e-commerce marketplaces allow you to instantly and put up products for sale immediately to a million audience at minimal cost. Counterfeit products are often sold on online e-commerce marketplaces.

Being able to quickly find and block counterfeit products from the online e-commerce marketplaces is an important part of the business protection process and is our standard service.

Our platform is integrated with all major online e-commerce marketplaces, legal structures and technologies for influencing the rapid suppression of the spread of counterfeit products have been worked out.

Every reference to intellectual property or brand is automatically spotted, documented and verified