Mass and Social Media Mentions Monitoring System

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Mass and Social Media Mentions Monitoring System

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Special Features

Provide a constant analysis of the information background related to You or your company.

Unique sentiment analysis system for mentions and reviews
Ability to monitor up to 3 000 000 records per day
Full integration with top mass and social media, search engines, blogs, forums, review websites, photo and video hostings
Ability to build analytical reports on mentions every 15 minutes
Flexible dashboard with a constructor of an individual report template according to your requirements
1 250 000 sources of information coverage around the world

Complex System for Analyzing News, Mentions and Reviews on the Internet

The BRANDPOL information field analysis system is a unique technology for deep searching and mentions evaluation on the Internet. The BRANDPOL allows you to monitor the status of the information agenda, news, mentions on social media, reviews on websites, messages on forums, blog posts, Telegram channels and other sources of information.

The BRANDPOL system daily monitors 1 250 000+ sources of information in 170 countries.

It allows you to detect mentions about You or your company, determine their tone and choose a strategy to change the information field in the right direction.

BRANDPOL has a unique set of technical solutions allowing us to provide you with this service in such scope.

We can prove all this during a full-free demo period. Request a demo and we will contact you to discuss a technical specification.

Many companies (Česká televise, LG, BAYER) have already convinced in our system effectiveness.

Presentation of the service

Watch a 2-minute video on our media monitoring technologies or download a PDF presentation

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How we monitor the information field

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Step 1

The analytical department constructs the semantic core of the search queries related to your brand or Person. The BRANDPOL platform detects all mentions for a given period.

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Step 2

The BRANDPOL system classifies mentions by the influence level on a brand or Person, analyzes the sentiment (positive-neutral-negative).

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Step 3

The BRANDPOL launches a constant monitoring of the information field and creates analytical reports.


Compare our features with competitors

For 12 years of successful work, we have created unique technological solutions with no analogues in the global market of information field monitoring on the Internet. Let’s look at some of them.

BRANDPOL platform
A unique system of sentiment analysis (definition of positive-negative-neutral), working in 80 language zones
The unique system of bypassing any protection systems from data collections
The highest coverage, the ability to search and analyze mentions in messengers (Telegram, Whatsapp), videos and private forums
Constant analysis of the information field
Our competitors
An imperfect system of sentiment analysis or its absence
No effective systems to bypass a data collection protection
Limited coverage of information sources. Messengers, forums, videos are not analyzed
Long intervals of data collection, making the received information irrelevant

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Mass and Social Media Mentions Monitoring System: FAQ

At what intervals and scope can you monitor the information field?

The information field is monitored in a 24/7/365 format.

It is an essential requirement for an effective monitoring. The scope of monitoring is determined by your goals, objectives and the details of the technical specifications. We can monitor search engines, social networks, Telegram channels in all languages in all regions you are interested in. The quality of monitoring is based on semantic queries professionally constructed by our analysts and a constantly trained neural network capable of working in different languages and bypassing the protection against parsing of the websites and social networks we need. An important difference between our BRANDPOL system and existing monitoring programs is the manual configuration of semantics by our highly qualified experts and the unprecedented search capabilities of our platform. We’ve been doing this for many years for the world’s largest companies.

Do you have a sentiment analysis system (Negative / Positive / Neutral)?

We are proud of our sentiment analysis system.

The largest search engines (Google, Bing) and companies engaged in the development of artificial intelligence systems are working in this direction. For the correct analysis of the context, it is necessary to define the precise evaluation criteria at the problem statement level and have a huge and constantly training neural network. We have all this and use our own solutions.

We consider the sentiment analysis to be one of the most promising areas of work with the information field. The number of generated news content related to corporations and opinion leaders is constantly increasing. In some cases, this content is in different languages and in numerous sources. It’s necessary to involve artificial intelligence in the preliminary content analysis. Our platform is able to divide information into extreme positive, positive, neutral, negative and extreme negative. Let’s test our system.

Which territories and languages do you work?

We work in 170 countries and in all major languages.

The artificial intelligence system BRANDPOL and a huge neural network can find information from all sources. You will also receive a preliminary analysis of the context of this information (positive / negative / neutral).

Our media base includes over 20 000 electronic media around the world. If necessary, you can always rely on our media network to develop your information agenda.

What types of information sources do you analyze?

We analyze all existing information sources in 170 countries and in major languages.

We analyze all search engines, electronic media websites (20 000+ around the world), social media, Telegram channels, review websites.

How much does it cost?

The cost is determined by the scope of your tasks. Daily reports on monitoring the information agenda in USA cost from €700 per month. There is a separate price list for other countries and jurisdictions.

What do you need to start our work?

To get started you need to contact us in any convenient way and discuss the details of your issue. You can fill a simple information request form, which will help us better understand your goals and objectives, as well as prepare a preliminary technical specification and make you a commercial offer.

Our managers will immediately contact you and agree on the details of our cooperation.

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