Anti-phishing system for your business

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Anti-phishing system for your business

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Special Features

Provide you with a constant analysis and elimination of phishing threats to your business.

Detecting phishing domains at the stage of their registration
Identifying fraud and scam on social media
A technical vision system focused on spotting fake, fraudulent and scam websites pretending your partners
Identifying fake websites pretending your company's official websites
Identifying fake sellers on online marketplaces and classifieds
Prompt elimination mechanisms of identified threats

Complex protection against phishing threats

The BRANDPOL phishing threat protection system is a unique technology of deep searching, analysis, detection and elimination of threats in domain names, websites, online marketplaces, social media, messaging services and DarkWeb.

The BRANDPOL allows you to ensure constant online protection of your company from all types of phishing attacks.

The BRANDPOL system daily scans websites, social media, messaging services and online marketplaces in 170 countries in 90 languages to identify and eliminate threats immediately.

Only BRANDPOL has a unique set of legal structures adapted to the legislature of all jurisdictions, which allows you to suppress a violator in any territory.

We can prove all this during a full-free demo period, leave a request and we’ll contact you to discuss a technical specification.

Many companies and public figures (Česká televise, BAYER, LG) have already convinced in our system effectiveness.

Presentation of the service

Watch a 2-minute video on our media monitoring technologies or download a PDF presentation

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How we protect your company from phishing attacks

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Step 1

The BRANDPOL system scans the Internet and identifies phishing websites that threaten your company.

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Step 2

The BRANDPOL automatically identifies the owner of the phishing resource, his contact information, as well as information intermediaries’ data (domain registrars, hosting providers, and online marketplace’s owner, up to 12 types). The platform determines the legal constructions for each information intermediary based on its location.

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Step 3

The BRANDPOL starts claim work against the website owner and information intermediaries, leading to an immediate elimination of the violation.

The evidence base is prepared for bringing the violators to liabilities.


Compare our features with competitors

For 12 years of successful work, we have created unique technological solutions with no analogues in the global anti-phishing market. Let’s look at some of them.

BRANDPOL platform
Automatic Threat Assessment (ABC analysis for 40+ indicators)
OSINT automated system for searching violators
Localized business process according to local legislation in 60+ countries
Automatic threat protection mode 24/7/365
Our competitors
An imperfect system for assessing threats to websites or its absence
Lack of automated OSINT search, so the result and speed is highly dependent on the specialist competence
Work only in a limited number of jurisdictions
Manual mode of operation, limited to the working day of specialists; poor account management

Anti-phishing system for your business: FAQ

How much do your services cost?

The cost is determined by the volume of the tasks you set.
Daily reports on monitoring the information agenda in Russia cost from 50,000 rubles per month. There is a separate price list for other countries and jurisdictions.

What does it take to get started?

To get started you need to contact us in any convenient way and discuss the details of your issue. You can fill a simple information request form, which will help us better understand your goals and objectives, as well as prepare a preliminary technical specification and make you a commercial offer.

Our managers will immediately contact you and agree on the details of our cooperation.

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