Copyright Protection on the Internet

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Copyright Protection on the Internet

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Special Features

Detect and eliminate all violations of your copyright objects on the Internet. Provide constant protection for your digital content, software, audio and visual content.

Effective system for identifying website owners
Footprint proprietary digital identification system
Unique vision system for video content analysis
170 countries coverage
Direct integration with video hosting, social media, file-sharing and peer-to-peer networks
No analogue system for combating Torrent trackers

Smart and Constant Copyright Protection

The BRANDPOL copyright protection system is a unique technology of technical vision and analysis of digital content on the Internet, which will help you to detect and eliminate business risks, associated with the illegal use of your intellectual property objects.

The BRANDPOL system 24/7/365 monitors and analyzes threats aimed at your intellectual property objects by scanning websites, social media, file-sharing networks and torrent trackers in 170 countries around the world.

It allows you to identify illegal distributors of your software, text, audio and visual copyright content. Immediately eliminate these violations.

Only BRANDPOL has a unique set of legal structures adapted to the legislation of more than 60 international jurisdictions, which allows us to eliminate at least 75% of violations in any territory without the lawyer’s involvement.

We can prove all this during a full-free demo period.  Request a demo and we will prepare an analytical report demonstrating the current threats to your business. After that our team will offer the most effective solution to eliminate threats.

The following companies like Sony Pictures, TikTok, Kid-E-Cats and many others have already convinced of our system effectiveness.

Presentation of the service

Watch a 2-minute video about our technologies to protect your content or download a PDF presentation

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How we protect Your copyright objects

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Step 1

The BRANDPOL system scans the Internet and detects suspicious sites threaten your copyright content.
The system launches photofixation of violations and analyzes the threat’s degree, ranks the websites by significance.
This allows you to focus on the most powerful threats.

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Step 2

The BRANDPOL system automatically identifies the website owner, his contact information, as well as the data of the Internet intermediaries (domain registrars, hosting providers etc. In total, there are 12 types).
The platform automatically determines the legal structures for each Internet intermediaries based on their locations.

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Step 3

The BRANDPOL system measures a financial scoring and starts an automated claim work against the website owner and the Internet intermediaries, compensation collection for which is not economically feasible.

In relation to solvent violators, the system prepares documents for a lawsuit to collect compensation for the illegal use of copyright content.


Compare our features with competitors

For 12 years of successful work, we have created unique technological solutions with no analogues in the global copyright protection on the Internet. Let’s look at some of them.

BRANDPOL platform
Automatic Threat Assessment (ABC analysis for 40+ indicators)
A unique system for combating Torrent trackers (both public and private)
Localized business process according to local legislation in 60+ countries
Automatic threat protection mode 24/7/365
Our competitors
An imperfect system for assessing threats to websites or its absence
No effective systems to combat Torrent trackers
Work only in limited jurisdictions in English
Manual mode of operation, limited to the specialist’s working hours; poor account management

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