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Our mission

We believe that the main civilization engine, an increase of people lifestyle are thoughts and free competition. Our mission is to protect our client’s and company economic interests from harmful and dangerous infringed/counterfeit products and unauthorized use of intellectual property objects all over the world, apply modern technologies for analyzing our competitor’s spheres and efficient marketing based on the BRANDPOL platform, which was created by our professional staff.


BRANDPOL is an international company of enthusiasts: practical lawyers, marketers and software developers, which daily creates a unique software and hardware complex, protecting both consumers and manufacturers from infringed/counterfeit products at e-commerce platforms worldwide. Nowadays, selling goods and services without the Internet is impossible. We offer you a new digital way to protect the manufactures and consumers economic interests all over the world, based on a deep understanding of the digital transformation of reality.

Our company daily applies modern technological solutions in deep analytics systems for big data, machine learning, system administration and effective team management.
We have a profound understanding of combating counterfeiting and piracy on the Internet on all continents. We also know where, how and what price your goods or services or goods and services of your competitors are being sold.

Our offices are in Dublin, New York and Moscow. Our team works 24/7/365.

Our partners’ offices are in 60 countries worldwide. Furthermore, every partner is quite attentive to solve the problems of our client.

Using all our legal and technological features, we run business in 172 countries in 40 languages, daily analyzing a huge amount of information, suppressing thousands of violations of intellectual property rights of our clients. The world’s largest corporations trust us, but thanks to our technological features, we can provide small companies with the protection of their economic interests.


A unique team of enthusiasts

We have gathered a unique international team of enthusiasts: lawyers, marketers, analysts, managers and developers who have new challenges, even unsolved problems in the field of analysis of big marketing and other data, protection of intellectual property objects in real-time on the Internet.

BRANDPOL platform

Our teamwork result was the invention of a unique software and hardware BRANDPOL platform. The platform is based on the modern methods of collecting and processing big data; elements of artificial intelligence are actively used. The platform has no analogues in the world. It can effectively solve the entire range of tasks to protect the economic interests of companies, including the protection of intellectual property objects online and offline, analysis of marketing information, including price monitoring of your products or competitors for a huge number of items in all languages, in all product aggregators, e-commerce platforms, social networks and online stores.

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