Blocking accounts in FaceBook.
We will find the violators and protect your copyright. Our algorithms are able to calculate any violation related to your brand

FaceBook is a popular social network operating in Eastern Europe.
Counterfeit products are often sold through this social network and pirated content of various copyright holders is distributed. If you find out that your products or content is distributed through this social network, then you can order the service of blocking an account that violates your rights.

Why us?

We have an extensive experience in protection of exclusive rights. BRANDPOL is the innovative technological platform. Our specialists have developed and integrated the unique legal constructions for the social network FaceBook. This technology allows you to achieve the most effective result and eliminate violations.

Service cost

The cost of this service is 99 USD. For this money, you will receive a guaranteed elimination of the violation as soon as possible.
Leave your order and we will block your account within 3 to 10 business days (in some cases it can be up to 30 business days), or we will refund your money.

Block the intruder!
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