Protection from counterfeits in cosmetics and perfumes

According to global perfumery and cosmetics market study by the International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD):

of products sold in online perfumery stores are fake
  • Counterfeit perfumes and cosmetics are a serious competition to officially manufactured products. Alone with losing revenue, brands also risk their reputation: low-quality ingredients used in counterfeit products may seriously damage the customers' health;
  • Most of counterfeit components cause allergies, and increase skin sensitivity by destroying skin’s protective layer-shield. Shield’s disappearance contributes to formation of various defects, as well as acne and redness. According to the polls, every other person suffers allergies to cosmetics;
  • Cosmetic counterfeits are commonplace, fake cosmetics is number two in the world of counterfeits (the first place is held by the counterfeit clothing).