Protection of copyright and related rights

Copyright is a set of rights of the originator to use results of personal creative activity, existing in any objective form, for example, a film, song, text, picture or scientific research, computer program, etc.

Copyright arises upon the creation of the work and does not require additional registration or design (except in some individual cases).


The Creator has the right:

  • To recognize himself (herself) as the author of work;
  • To the disclose and use of his (her) work in any legitimate form;
  • To transfer the rights to the work by sale or other means;
  • To protect the work and its integrity.


Objects of copyright

The objects of copyright include works expressed in any objective form:

  • Writen
  • Musical
  • Fine art photography
  • Audiovisual (e.g., movie)
  • Architectural
  • Computer programs

Any object of copyright could be illegally replicated on the Internet using various technologies (e.g. torrent network).


Copyright protection on the Internet

If you encounter violation of your copyright contact BRANDPOL GROUP.  We provide a full range of services: from identifying "pirated" content on the Internet to prosecution and compensation claims.