Online Brand Protection in Japan - BRANDPOL
Brand Protection in Japan.

The BRANDPOL system is aimed at maximum automatic process of searching websites and other e-platforms in Japan, where the infringed or counterfeit goods are distributed or another violation of the IP right holder is revealed.
The BRANDPOL platform analyzes such websites, detects suspicious content and removes this information, violating the right holder rights (the infringed or counterfeit products, pirate (cracked) software, author text, audio and video content).

Brandpol provides you with continuous security of your rights 24/7/365.

Our achievements in Japan
Brands under protection
233 971
Websites under control
646 642
Removed violations

We provide the unique comprehensive and constant approach to protect your brand in Japan.

Online Brand Protection
Detect and eliminate all violations of your brand on the Internet. Provide constant protection.
Copyright Protection on the Internet
Track and remove illegal content on the Internet, software and other copyright objects.
Price Monitoring
Monitor prices online on 8 000 000 websites and marketplaces on the Internet (Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and many others).
Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Remove all the negative mentions on the Internet about You and your company, provide constant legal and technical protection of your reputation.
Mass and Social Media Mentions Monitoring System
Identify all the positive and negative mentions about You in the Mass and Social Media, Messengers, Review websites.
Anti-phishing system for your business
Track and remove phishing attacks on your business. Takedown phishing websites and other resources pretending as your company official resources.
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