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Protection of business reputation

Currently, the Internet is widely used to distribute discrediting materials against prominent statesmen, artists, popular companies and firms, as well as their leaders. In addition, a possibility of spreading defamatory information in relation to any person, if needed, is not excluded. According to the statistics:

of people admit that making a decision is influenced by information and reviews on the Internet.
are enough to spread the information on the Internet to an audience of 1 million people.

The main difficulties in the field of Internet protection of business reputation of VIP persons on the Internet are:

  • It is very difficult to track all negative posts on social and online media with your own resources;
  • Many companies on the Internet are faced with the fact that review sites, forums, an so on, suddenly have a flurry of negative information, or, for example, there is a group in a popular social network which is engaged in the dissemination of confidential information or which deliberately places negativity towards exact person;
  • Furthermore, the competitors can post a press release on specialized news sites; the purpose of the press release is to cause exact person the reputational damage.