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Dear Partners,


Let us introduce you our Company and its unique information and analytical system for a worldwide counteraction of intellectual property rights infringement «BRANDPOL».


BRANDPOL GROUP LIMITED is an international corporation organized by and existing under the laws of the Republic of Ireland. Our current mission is to help businesses protect their company names, product brands and ideas from unfair competition and copyright offenders.


The BRANDPOL system is aimed at maximal automation of the process of searching for websites and other electronic platforms where counterfeit products are distributed, or another intellectual property rights infringement of right holder is detected, content analysis of these websites (information contained there), detection of suspicious content and subsequent removal of information infringing upon the intellectual property rights either restricting access to it, deleting or blocking websites through which counterfeit products are distributed or another intellectual property rights infringement of right holders detected at the large possible number.


We would like to highlight several unique advantages that our clients enjoy through using the BRANDPOL platform. 

  • One of the most accurate and deepest brand monitoring software products

Performance of brand monitoring systems mostly depends on the quality of the system’s “semantic core”.  BRANDPOL operates a unique proprietary multi-language (more than 20 languages) semantic core that dramatically improves accuracy and completeness of search results. Our search engine automatically monitors internet sites, social networks and marketplaces around the clock, 24/7. 

  • Fully automated system which provides a high return on investment

BRANDPOL has developed a unique fully automated process, which not only detects and documents cases of brand violations but is also capable of stopping these violations on the Internet without any human involvement.  This complete automation of brand protection duties (BRANDPOL can process thousands of cases for each client simultaneously) allows our clients not only to achieve truly global protection, but also to dramatically reduce the costs of legal support and analysts’ participation.  Our statistics confirm that 60-70% of cases of IP violations are successfully resolved without any human involvement.


The brand violation algorithm is adjustable and is tailored to the needs and preferences of each client.  Each client can determine an appropriate level of human involvement down to the zero level.

BRANDPOL can automatically execute the following steps:


  • identify all brand references on the Internet (websites, marketplaces, social networks, etc.);
  • isolate legal references through verification against official distributors included in the “White list” provided by the client;
  • categorize data using up to 40 different criteria;
  • send test orders to potential violators;
  • save all relevant screenshots, emails, etc. of brand violation cases;
  • generate information requests, a request to cease the IP rights breach, rights violation claims to websites, hosting providers, domain name registrars, internet providers, etc.;
  • generate appeals to law enforcement authorities, the prosecutor’s office and other supervisory bodies. 
  • ABC analysis and cross-linking of the internet resources

ABC analysis ranks identified suspected sites by their potential brand damage and/or their potential sales volume.  Following the Pareto principle, this analysis helps to focus protection efforts on the 20% of websites producing 80% of the internet traffic and sales.  Marketplaces and social networks are always categorized as “A”.  We pay special attention to these channels and can analyze and deal with unacceptable traffic.


BRANDPOL conducts ownership analysis for websites, SN profiles and MP postings through various attributes: e.g. email addresses, phones, tax ID, the internet links, etc.  Once a user is identified as a violator, all linked internet presence is also treated as illegal.  And vice versa, if a user is identified as a legal one, all linked internet presence is treated as legal.


  • Global platform for local IP, partnered with legal firms in 44 countries

The BRANDPOL business model is built on partnerships with specialized local IP legal firms around the world.  As a result, our clients receive access without any additional charge to the platform (template documents and legal procedures) which is the most up to date in terms of both local legislation requirements and language adaptation. Our clients always have the option to use their own legal partners in each particular jurisdiction or to employ BRANDPOL’s authorized legal partner, carefully chosen by BRANDPOL to represent their interests in local courts, governments or other bodies.  Today, BRANDPOL’s network covers 44 countries and is constantly expanding. We are represented in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Myanmar, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. 

  • Soft-touch approach and partnership with one of the top-10 international legal firm

We believe that the brand protection efforts on the internet must not create any potential risks for our clients.  Therefore, our procedures are tailor made for each client and jurisdiction and, if necessary, may be certified by our legal partner - Baker&McKenzie. 

  • Marketing and distribution value added services

Our algorithm not only protects legal brand name usage but also automatically maps real-life supply and distribution networks for clients.  This is a new unique insight tool, that is usually interesting for marketing and distribution departments of our clients. 


In order to fully appreciate the capabilities of BRANDPOL, we would like to propose you a 3-month full-service agreement at a price of €1 for Russia, which includes monitoring and automated enforcement services (excluding court litigation) for websites and marketplaces.  If you wish, we can discuss the option of organizing such a pilot scheme in any other countries from our 44 country-list. 


According to our experience, we hope that such a pilot scheme will allow our Client to get a full and objective picture of the BRANDPOL platform’s capabilities. 

Our partners

Association of European Businesses
Patent Office "Patentus"
Baker McKenzie

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We are able to provide the copyright holder with real mechanisms to control the use of the brand on the Internet.
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No international company is able to defend against cyber piracy by the traditional methods. Dozens of international companies have chosen our innovative brand protection method. Be with the best, be with the leaders.

Most violators do not prefer to ignore the demands of the company that has achieved sentences for dozens of cybercriminals.